Ketos Ring (AS5282 Ring), O-1 Tool Steel

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The Ketos Ring is used to check overall performance of the magnetic particle examination system.

The Ketos Ring is 5 in diameter and 0.875 thick, with a 1¼ diameter center hole. The block includes (12) thru-holes at 0.070 diameter and distances of 0.070, 0.140, 0.210, 0.280, 0.350, 0.420, 0.490, 0.560, 0.630, 0.700, 0.770, and 0.840 from the OD surface.

Each block has a Certification Report that includes:

  • Material Test Report showing ring machined from AISI O-1 Tool Steel.
  • Certification stating ring has been heat-treated to a fully-annealed state after manufacture to SAE-AS5282.
  • As-built hardness reported in Rockwell B.
  • Individualized field leakage plot showing relationship between field strength and hole measurement distance.
  • Dimensionally certified to MIL-STD-1949A, ASTM E1444, McDonnell Douglas P.S. 21201, DPS 4.704, and SAE-AS5282.
Optional Hardwood Storage Case available.