Custom Step Blocks

  • Build-Your-Own Step Block! [CUSTOMSTEP.X]

    Build-Your-Own Step Block! [CUSTOMSTEP.X]

    Looking for a custom step block and don't see it on our site? We can help! With PH Tool you can design your very own step block. Whether you need a few steps or lots of steps; thin steps or thick steps; small faces or large faces; standard carbon steel,...

  • Jumbo 4-Step Block

    Jumbo 4-Step Block

    Larger version of the 4-Step Block for thickness and linearity calibration. Inch Alloy: 1018 Steel, Nickel-plated Steps: 0.500, 1.000, 1.500, 2.000 Step Face: 0.75 x 0.75 Spec: Based on ASTM E797 Please contact us if you would like a quote for a...

    Available In: Inch