Flat Ketos Block, O-1 Tool Steel HRB 90-95

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The Flat Ketos Block measures 0.800 thick x 3.00 tall x 7.00 long, and is used to check overall performance of the magnetic particle examination system. This popular new block has recently been worked into various industry specifications for magnetic particle testing, and is now being offered by PH Tool as a new addition to our extensive line of NDT Test Blocks and Reference Standards.

Capable of indicating smaller subsurface discontinuities than its ring-shaped cousin, this block includes (12) thru-holes at 0.040 diameter at distances of 0.060, 0.080, 0.100, 0.120, 0.160, and 0.200 from the upper indication surface, and at 0.240, 0.310, 0.390, 0.470, 0.550, and 0.630 from the lower indication surface. Also known as Test Block with Artificial Subsurface Discontinuities. In accordance with PH Tool Drawing No. 10234. Metric Version also available.

Each block ships with a NIST-traceable Certification Report that includes:
  • Material Test Report showing block machined from AISI O-1 Tool Steel
  • As-built hardness reported in Rockwell B
  • Final hardness of HRB 90-95
  • Certification of conformance to PH Tool Drawing No. 10234

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