V1 (A2) Test Block BS 2704

  • V1/5 (A2) Calibration Block

    V1/5 (A2) Calibration Block

    Note: In 2018, PH Tool stopped including the Ø2 (50mm) acrylic plug in this product. Plugs will be available upon special request only, and will add cost. This non-essential feature has long been considered optional per block specifications...

  • Wood Case for V1/5 (A2)

    Wood Case for V1/5 (A2)

    Fitted wooden case to fit PH Tool's V1/5 (A2) calibration blocks Note: cases shown in photo may not be applicable for the block(s) you are purchasing; they are shown as examples ONLY. All PH Tool wood cases are custom-made to fit specific blocks and are...

  • Wood Case for IIW-Type Blocks

    Wood Case for IIW-Type Blocks

    Fitted wooden case to fit PH Tool's IIW-Type calibration blocks. Compatible with: IIW-Type 1 Block IIW-Type 2 Block ISO 2400 Calibration Block No 1 (K1) BS2704 V1/5 A2 Calibration Block  PAUT IIW Block, ISO 19675 Note: cases shown in...