ASME-Compliant ERVW® Line of Calibration Blocks

Jointly designed by PH Tool and Holloway NDT, the fully ASME-compliant ERVW® Line of Calibration Blocks is an innovative development that has dramatically improved inspection efficiency. ERVW Blocks are carefully designed to make use of tolerance and allowances in ASME code to cover the maximum number of inspection sizes with just a few select blocks. Adding these blocks your kit will save a ton of weight and space vs. hauling dozens of individual cal blocks. The best part? - you'll never find yourself without that "one missing size" that you need for your next inspection, saving you from scrambling to have a new block made.

ERVW Blocks sets are available for pipe inspection in the axial direction, with an option for either side drilled holes or notches as the reflector type, as well as a separate set for pipe inspection in the circumferential direction. Additionally, the new ERVD™ thickness calibration block is useful for thickness testing of multiple curved surfaces.     

Watch the ERVW Video with Paul Holloway