ASME Sec V Pipe Calibration Blocks

  • PH Tool ASME-Style Pipe Calibration Block (PAUT)

    PH Tool ASME-Style Pipe Calibration Block (PAUT)

    These pipe calibration blocks are specially-designed to facilitate phased array UT (PAUT). The PH Tool block design includes various modifications to the original ASME design, including extra axial and arc length, a rearranged notch layout, and a 10°...

  • Pipe Calibration Block (Conventional UT)

    Pipe Calibration Block (Conventional UT)

    PH Tool manufactures hundreds of these ASME Angle Beam Blocks every year. A calibration block should be a section of pipe of the same nominal size, schedule, heat treatment, and material specification as the material being examined. PH Tool maintains a...