Calibration Block No. 1

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Note: In 2018, PH Tool stopped including the Ø2 (50mm) acrylic plug in this product. Plugs will be available upon special request only, and will add cost. This non-essential feature has long been considered optional per block specifications and is largely obsolete.

For calibrating ultrasonic flaw detection equipment in both laboratory and on-site conditions.

Our version of this block includes a 100mm radius, 3.0mm and 50.0mm holes, engraved reference mark scales, and two optional slots at the zero point which provide calibrating signals at intervals of 100mm range. In accordance with EN 12223 and ISO 2400.This block is not to be confused with the older style V1/5 (A2) Block from BS 2704, which is similar but contains a 1.5mm through-hole rather than a 3.0mm hole. See our test block store for more information on this block.

• Dimensions: 300mm x 100mm x 25mm
• Includes Heat Treatment Cert per ISO 2400
• Fitted wooden storage case optional...see above.

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