Omniscan X3 TFM Demo Block - US Version (Inch)

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PH Tool is now offering the official demonstration block for the new Olympus Omniscan X3. For use with FMC/TFM enabled systems. TFM is a signal processing algorithm that makes use of FMC data to focus an ultrasonic image at all points, displaying the optimal resolution everywhere. This allows for very accurate defect characterization, making the method useful for any ultrasonic application where characterization and sizing are critical. This is a general purpose Phased Array block used for beam characterization and evaluation of system performance characteristics. With a variety of targets, this small, lightweight block is also perfect for customer demonstrations of phased array ultrasonics capabilities.

Native Inch Block:

  • Dimensions: 1.000 wide x 1.500 tall x 8.00 long
  • Alloy: 1018 Steel, Nickel-plated
  • In accordance with Olympus design
Block features:
  • Arc of 18 SDHs, 0.060 diameter, drilled halfway through the block
  • Cluster of 6 SDHs, 0.060 diameter, drilled through the block
  • Vertical array of SDHs, 0.060 diameter, drilled through the block
  • 1.000 Radius for distance calibration
  • 0.394 (10mm) thick step for thickness checks
  • Simulated Corrosion feature spanning block width, including Ø3/64 FBH in the center
  • Simulated crack feature, .011 wide, spanning block width
  • Beveled end to redirect termination echoes (corner trap)
  • Machine-engraved with alloy and unique serial number.

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