ERVT™ Calibration Block for Flat Components and Piping Over 20" OD

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Jointly designed by PH Tool and Holloway NDT, this block provides six flat calibration blocks in one unique design for ASME piping inspections on diameters greater than 20 inches.

The section thicknesses are .250”, 0.375”, 0.500”, 0.750”, 1.0” and 1.5”, providing coverage based on ASME Section V Art. 4 tolerances for piping from 0.200” all the way to 2”. 

The block features side-drilled hole (SDH) reflectors which are permitted as per ASME and provide a much more consistent reference target over a wide range of angles as compared to notches.  The SDHs also function as ASME-compliant reflectors for non-piping applications (T-434.2.1.)  The block is suitable for conventional as well as phased array ultrasonic calibrations.  Each section is conveniently engraved to indicate the range of pipe thicknesses covered.  The weight is just 13 lbs, only slightly heavier than a standard IIW block.


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