Eddy Current Tube Standards

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Looking for an Eddy Current Tube Standard? We can help! PH Tool has machined hundreds of tube standards in all designs, sizes, and alloys, and are happy to work with you to create your ideal EC standard. Whether you need a standard ASME tube, your own custom design, or need our help to build the right standard, PH Tool is ready to get you started!

We specialize in custom eddy current tubes, and have years of experience in machining a huge range of defects. From TWHs and FBHs, OD and ID grooves, milled flats, and OD and ID thinning bands, to ID FBHs, ID contoured flats, 120°/180° wearscars, tapered flaws, and tube-to-tube wear, you name it, and we've done it!

Ready to request a quote for a standard? Here's what we need...

  • What is the material? (Alloy, OD and Wall)
  • Is PH Tool supplying the material or will it be customer supplied?
  • What defects are needed and what size? (most depths are given in % of tube wall)
  • Is there a specification the standard needs to comply with? (ASME, etc.)
  • If you have a drawing, or even a simple hand sketch, please send that along as well.
  • Just call our office or drop us an e-mail with the above information