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Used for measurement of the sensitivity and/or resolution of normal beam transducers. In accordance with ASTM E127-19 (all alloys.)

Special blocks are available in exotic alloys, extra small or large diameter FBHs, shapes other than the standard 2 diameter round, metric dimensions, concave or convex radius ends, or non-typical quantities of blocks pet set. Extra-long blocks up to 40 metal travel distance at 4 diameter are also available.

  • Flat-bottom hole diameter: 1/64 to 16/64
  • Metal Travel Distance: 0.050 to 40.000.
  • Material: Most alloys including exotics. Special colored anodizing is available for aluminum blocks.
  • Custom hardwood storage cases are typically available upon request.

Ready to request a quote for some blocks? Here's what we need...

  • What is the material?
  • What is the FBH diameter?
  • What is the metal travel distance?
  • What is the block diameter / shape?
  • Is PH Tool supplying the material or will it be customer supplied?
  • Are there any changes or modifications requested to the ASTM block design?
  • Just call our office or drop us an e-mail with the above information!

Note: ASTM Blocks in aluminum and steel are not recommended for long-term immersion. If blocks are intended for this purpose, please contact Technical Sales to discuss industrial coating options.

*ASTM Blocks in aluminum alloys are available with various colors of anodic coating. Colors available include black, blue, green, red, gold, orange, gray and clear. Colors other than the typical black coating come at additional cost. Blocks are anodized in accordance with MIL-A-8625, and receive a sulfuric acid soft coat (Type II) anodize (Class 1 for clear coating, Class 2 when colored dye is used). Contact PH Tool Technical Sales to discuss further coating options.

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