ASTM Area Amplitude Set of 8 with Plastic Case

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**Durable, waterproof plastic case with fitted foam pockets included in price**

Note:  7075-T6 Aluminum version is soft-anodized, dyed black color by default.  Note that this soft anodic coating is not suitable for permanent immersion in hard water. If you plan to keep blocks permanently immersed or immersed long-term in water, please discuss options for a sealed, hard anodic coating with PH Tool sales. 

Set of eight flat-bottom hole blocks used to determine the relationship between flaw size and echo amplitude by comparing signal responses.

Metal travel distance is 3.000” for all blocks, and FBH diameter ranges from #1 (1/64) to #8 (8/64). In accordance with ASTM E127-19 (now encompassing all materials, not just aluminum.) Includes our NIST traceable certification report, ultrasonic inspection report and response plot, and the certified material test report.

  • Dimensions: FBH diameters are 1/64, 2/64, 3/64, 4/64, 5/64, 6/64, 7/64, and 8/64. Block diameter is 2.0"