Custom-Fitted Plastic Case for ASTM Distance/Area Amplitude Set of 10

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New plastic case design with custom-fitted, DENSE FOAM pockets for transport of ASTM Blocks. Fitted pockets for 10 ASTM Blocks.

Have you recently purchased a new set of ASTM Area or Distance Amplitude Blocks? These specially-engineered cases offer the best protection available to keep your new investment out of harm's way. Perfect for lab storage or transportation of blocks to and from the field. These cases are even "shipping-ready," and can be sent through most major couriers without the need to use additional packing materials.

Thinking of putting your ASTM Sets on a regular recertification cycle with PH Tool? If so, this type of case is required for transportation of blocks to and from our facility. Due to the weight of these sets, and risk of damage to blocks during shipping, we are unable to perform recertification of ASTM sets that are shipped to us in wooden cases or with no case at all.