Special Curved ID 4-Step Block, A106 Gr. B

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For thickness and linearity calibration of curved surfaces.

Step thicknesses are 0.040", 0.060", 0.080", and 0.100". OD radius is a constant 2.0" diameter/ 1.0" radius.

  • Step Face is 1.000" axial x 90° arc
  • <li 0.040" step is a 1.920" ID/0.960" radius <li 0.060" step is a 1.880" ID/0.940" radius <li 0.080" step is a 1.840" ID/0.920" radius <li 0.100" step is a 1.800" ID/0.900" radius

Machined from solid 2" NPS x S/160 A106 Gr. B Carbon Steel Pipe.