Mini IIW-2 Block, 1018Steel

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Small and lightweight version of the full-sized IIW-2.


Does everything its big brother does, at a fraction of the size and weight. The PH Tool mini IIW-2 measures 25.0mm thick x 50.0mm tall x 150.0mm long, and contains both 25.0mm and 50.0mm radii. Two sensitivity holes, one at 1.5mm, and one at 3.0mm are located 12.5mm from each scanning surface. A large 25.0mm diameter through-hole is included, along with a convenient step measuring 12.5mm thick in one corner. Angle beam exit markers from 35 to 75° are machine-engraved on one face. Don't miss that this block also includes three close-tolerance steps for thickness calibration. (12.5, 18.75, and 25mm)

Dimensions: 25.0mm x 50.0mm x 150.00mm.
Alloy: 1018 Steel, nickel-plated.
Spec: PH Tool Drawing No. 10160.