ASTM Area Amplitude Set of 8, 4340 Steel

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Set of eight flat-bottom hole blocks used to determine the relationship between flaw size and echo amplitude by comparing signal responses.

Metal travel distance is 3.000” for all blocks, and FBH diameter ranges from #1 (1/64) to #8 (8/64). In accordance with ASTM E127-19 (now encompassing all materials, not just aluminum.) Includes our NIST traceable certification report, ultrasonic inspection report and response plot, and the certified material test report.

*--NEW OPTION--* to purchase Guaranteed Set meeting +2dB / -3 dB acceptance criteria. 

In 2020, a new version of ASTM E127 (E127-19) was released that rolled in all requirements previously found under E428 and E1158. All materials are now encompassed under E127, and the new version of the spec also introduced the option to order sets meeting specific acceptance criteria. If you'd like to purchase a set that is guaranteed to meet the S1 Supplementary Requirements for Area Amplitude, please be sure to indicate this by selecting the option above. By doing so, you will ensure that no block in your set deviates from the ideal trend line by more than +2 dB / -3 dB. We will also add tolerance bars to the ultrasonic response plot for a visual representation of this acceptance criteria.    


  • Dimensions: FBH diameters are 1/64, 2/64, 3/64, 4/64, 5/64, 6/64, 7/64, and 8/64. Block diameter is 2.0.
  • Made from 4340 Alloy Steel, Nickel-plated
  • Hardwood or Durable Plastic Cases recommended...see above.