*DEFECTIVE ITEM* Mini Angle Beam Block, Inch, 0.500" Thick, 1018 Steel [MAB.5.ICS.SD]

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This miniature angle beam block is also known as a "Rompas" block or simply "Angle Beam," and it is the ASTM and U.S. Air Force substitute for the DSC block for distance, beam index, refracted angle and sensitivity calibration.


Contains a 1.0" radius opposite a 2.0" radius, and a 5/64" diameter x0.375" deep flat-bottom hole. In accordance with ASTM E164.
- Mini Angle Beam Block, Inch,0.500" thick
- Alloy: 1018 steel
- Condition: Old style paint-filled engraving "< BEAM CAL-B" and Logos.
- 20% Discount
- Serial No. 3008 has Stavely NDT Logo. Serial No. 2999 has Krautkramer Logo.